Why We Exist

We believe that AI developers have a responsibility to do their best for the good of society. That’s why we’re disappointed by the elementary flaws holding back progress in cybersecurity applications of AI.

We think cybersecurity is mission critical to safe food production, healthcare, energy provision, and more. That’s why we wanted to train ourselves to fix this status quo.

How We Work

We prioritise some simple best practices to keep ourselves honest:

  1. Be inclusive. We try to include members from multiple faculties, education levels, and demographics. More diversity = more ideas + better decisions.

  2. Be honest. A flashy result of 99% accuracy isn’t good enough. We want to examine skewed datasets, spurious correlations, false alarms, ...

  3. Be curious. Week after week, we’re here to help each other to grow and learn.

  4. Avoid harm. All research has the potential to do good or bad. We review and reduce the risks involved with what we work on and publish.

What We Do

We’re affiliated with Wat.ai: a student design team at the University of Waterloo creating more opportunities for undergrads to learn about AI!

Our team develops cybersecurity applications for AI. Currently, we’re benchmarking bio-inspired algorithms like artificial immune systems. We’re using them to detect attempts to hack IoT devices like smart home assistants.

Our work is based on research done at the University of New Brunswick’s Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity. Specifically, we’re comparing computational cost and security performance of various ML algorithms to detect 7 types of cyberattacks in the CIC-IoT-2023 dataset.

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We're a student design team at the University of Waterloo! We apply AI to cybersecurity challenges, like lightweight intrusion detection for IoT.


Madhav Malhotra

Computer Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. Currently wrangling cybersecurity teams, AI governance hackathons, and more :-)

Shreya Arun Naik

Graduate Research Student at CrySP@UWaterloo. Broadly interested in Networks and Information Security/Privacy.

Tian Yao

Yo! I'm a first year 1A CS student who likes basketball and badminton.

Ethan Lem

Hi! My name is Ethan.

Myesha Zaman

Biomedical Engineering Student at the University of Waterloo. Passionate about using AI/ML to solve challenging problems.

Zachary Wu

ECE Grad Student

Yen Zein

aspiring data scientist/engineer

Akira Yoshiyama

Student at UWaterloo

Kenzy Soror

Pursuing a Double Degree in Computer Science and Business Administration through the University of Waterloo.

Sami Krothapalli

Previous record holder for youngest person alive